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Strength & Conditioning Program

USA Stars Strength Speed & yoga Program specific for soccer players

New Session starting January 2021

Strength & Conditioning is an individual program specialized for soccer players to increase their fitness, nutrition, and life goals to improve their physical and mental capacities.  Strength & Conditioning is run by USA Stars coach Kasey Cox, who has an M.S.  degree in Kinesiology and personal training certification.  
The components of the program are specialized workout, recovery, goal planning, and nutrition tracking.  The program is designed for girls & boys players ages 12-17.  Younger players can participate in Coach Kasey's Speed & Agility Program.  
Training sessions are weekly for 1.5 hours on Mondays and will not conflict with USA Stars player soccer training schedules.  Workouts will be modified for recovery if they falls after a match weekend.  All equipment is provided and takes place on the soccer field.  Players need only to bring running shoes and water.
Kasey Cox

Kasey Cox

Conditioning Coach

Monthly Program Membership

The cost of this program will be $100 per month. That breaks down to $25 per session with Kasey.  In addition to the group sessions, each player will be given a total of 16 personalized workouts per month.  

Strength & Conditioning Program Specifics

Program Overview:
This program will include personalized workouts that will focus on soccer-specific exercises that look to strengthen the entire body. What does that entail? Coach Kasey's program looks to take a  complete approach that will teach players how to recover from tournaments and games (sore/achy muscles), help players learn the basics of nutrition, and not just how to set goals but learning how to achieve those goals. The program will include 4 workouts a week; 1 workout with  Kasey and 3 personalized workouts to do at home. Kasey will upload videos of each workout that players will have access to; this will ensure they have instructions on how to do each exercise in their program.   

 Each player will be provided with a goal-setting sheet that they will fill out. They will come up with  3 different goals they want out of soccer, working out, and life. Within those 3 goals, the player will provide sub-goals to go along with the 3 major goals they want to achieve. This will help create a path and build momentum toward achieving the major goals that a player has in mind.   After completing the task, the players will turn these in to review where they are at and where they still need to go.  The goal here is to help players understand that this is a process and maintain momentum as they continue to work on improvement.

Players will be given 4 workouts to do a week. 1 of those workouts will be with Kasey and 3 will be done at home or in a gym. Players will go through a series of assessments to accurately perform soccer-specific workouts. The workouts will consist of strengthening their entire body through phase 1, which is core and stabilization exercises. Once players have a foundation built, they will move to phase 2, which is strength exercises and techniques. In this phase, players will be improving their overall strength using a variety of exercises that will involve hip complex/core, legs, and upper body strength. Once the strength phase has been completed,  players will progress to the power phase, where they will increase their explosive ability. This phase will be integrated using aspects of phase 1, this way the players’ muscles are not over-training or over exhausted. All of these phases will be used and programmed based on the player's soccer schedule.  Finally, players will each learn about the recovery process using these workouts. For example,  when a player has more than one game in a weekend, they will be doing a recovery workout on Monday with Kasey, then continue through their normal workout during the week. This will ensure the recovery process is being maintained and players are not overdoing these exercises. The recovery workout will consist of stretching, rolling out, and light to moderate exercises. All of the exercises they will be taught and learn will be soccer-specific.

The nutrition aspect of this program will be to help players understand what to eat and what not to eat. Each player will record everything they eat and drink for 3 weekdays and 2 weekend days, for a total of 5 days. They will turn it in, and Kasey will discuss and review with the player what they can improve on when it comes to their diets. This will help them start to understand the basics of nutrition and how certain foods provide more energy than others. 

Monthly Program Membership:
The cost of this program will be $100 per month. That breaks down to $25 per session with Kasey.  In addition to the group sessions, each player will be given a total of 16 personalized workouts per month.